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    Bobkeem Concept Limited offers clients the best bonanaza ever. You can start your future home with just N150,000 with the help of BCL. Read More

    You can acquire full plot of lands on either an outright payment or on an installmental payment mode. Read More
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    Bobkeem Concept Limited is a national contractor and a construction manager with extensive professional competence in large and complex projects. Read More
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    With our efficient and highly trained and experienced field staffs, we are committed to bring about beneficial change and added value to all projects in our care. Read More
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    We are involved in project managements, here at BCL, we are considerable and we know how to handle large and significant projects in timely  and efficient manner. Read More
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Bobkeem Concept Limited (BCL) is a dynamic investment company registered in Nigeria to offer first class real estate investment services.
At BCL, we are involved in Real Estate Investment, Construction, Property Marketing & Sales, Letting and Management.
BCL offers you the lowest, cheapest and easiest way of acquiring plots of land of your own for just N200,000. You can acquire more plots of land for your own benefit, we help you achieve more with accurate planning.
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About Bcl Home

fontaine feature-1BCL places proactive measures in the planning and organization of resources to bring about a successful completion of specific project goals and objectives, BCL is positioned to tap into these opportunities, having created a platform of bridging the gap between the industry and our esteemed clients (corporate & individual) through our effective marketing strategies.

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Oriental Garden City Promo Home

fontaine feature-2Bobkeem Concept Limited (BCL),  a dynamic estate company helps you plan right this season by offering quality estate lands at a cheap & affordable price. You can now acquire a plot of land with just N200,000 in one of the most structured real estates in a magnificient layout for both commercial and residential areas.
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Bcl Easter Promo Home

fontaine feature-3BCL promo is an offer to everyone who's ready to own plots of land this season period. You can become a landlord with just N200,000 this season.
Oriental Garden City is the real estate you can invest your future on. You can spread the money left for payment around 6 to 18 months, with ease & with happiness. We don't just give you a building, we build you a home..


Estate Outright Payment


During this season, bcl sells plots of lands at agbowa at a price which is 40% off its initial price
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Estate Installmental Payment


We also offer full-plots of land at  agbowa on installmental payment, at a payment of N150,000 by the client.

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Agbowa Discounts


BCL offers clients a 40% off payment this season of the initial price to be paid for the full plot of land at ORIENTAL GARDEN CITY ESTATE.

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